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Beautiful Greenhouses and Solariums at Under Glass
Elegance & Function

At Under Glass we are committed to our motto: Elegance and Function.

A well-designed and placed greenhouse is not only elegant but functional too!

We manufacture a full product line of the highest quality standard and custom greenhouses and solariums as well as conservatories and skylights. Our glass enclosures, both small and large can be found in residences, schools, colleges, hospitals, aviaries, parks, botanical gardens, senior residences, institutions, hotels, swimming pools, glass roofs, and research facilities.

We also have various greenhouse accessories, ranging from planting benches and humidifiers to sunscreen panels and automatic misting control units.

“The History of an American Company”

Lord & Burnham - exclusively manufactured by Under Glass Mfg.

Under Glass Mfg Corp is the exclusive manufacturer of the Original
Lord & Burnham greenhouses and solariums. We were established in
1989 after acquiring the Lord and Burnham product line. Our company
is the oldest greenhouse manufacturer in the United States.

Beautiful greenhouses & solariums

The greenhouse is a regular indoor garden – a garden with many times the possibilities and pleasures of the outside one. Not a stuffy uninviting hot-house, but a glass enclosed garden plot. A garden from which you can have a choice of flowers, fruits and vegetables in season and out of season, all year around.

Greenhouses are for growing greenery: plants flowers and vegetables. SOLARIUMS are for people. That’s the main difference. But there’s more. SOLARIUM meets the basic requirements for your comfortable living space. It is designed to protect people from the winter cold, and summer heat, torrential downpours, heavy wind and heavy snow loads on the roof.

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